Terrace and facade systems

Today’s summer terrace is a continuation of the living room.
One of the key principles used by architects in the design of country houses is that the living space “seamlessly” flows into the exterior. How effective as a result the project of a terrace and the facade integrated in it will turn out depends on materials of equipment and technologies of realizations. Representatives of Witex Ukraine during their master class:
• share the secrets of designing and implementing terraces and facades,
• review the current materials used in their equipment (vetedy – exotic species of merbau, teak, ipe, kumara, heat-treated wood for facade systems, megawood – composite terrace board),
• consider their technological and technical features (on the examples of implemented objects),
• and, of course, talk about the design component of both the design of terraces and the choice of materials.


Speakers: Witex Ukraine

INTERIOR MEBEL’s Auditorium – 5 February – h. 15.30-16.30 – Sign up