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Press release – Post Show 2022

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Interior Mebel 2022: the Post Show Report
The International Exhibition of Furniture, Lighting and Decor Interior Mebel took place in Kyiv on February 3-6.
Despite the restrictions due to the pandemic and the unstable political situation, the tenth anniversary exhibition was not inferior to the previous years: the visitors of the event appreciated the quality and variety of exhibited products, and the exhibitor the high number of visitors. The features of Interior Mebel 2022 are described in more detail in the release.

The Exhibitors
For the tenth time, the exhibition was a temporary showcase for leading international brands: about 200 exhibitors from Italy, Germany, Spain, Britain, Canada, Portugal, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Lithuania, Poland and Turkey presented their innovations and design achievements. Traditionally, Interior Mebel presented not only products from European manufacturers, but also furniture and interior items created by the best Ukrainian craftsmen and studios.
“It is very difficult now to predict the future and act according to plan, and we are very pleased with the results of this year’s exhibition. Despite the difficult conditions caused by Covid and the aggravation of the situation near the Ukrainian border, about 200 brands took part in Interior Mebel. Traditionally, we divided all the participants into key sections of the exhibition: Interior Mebel, HoReCa Design – dedicated to furniture for hotel, restaurants and bars – and KeramSan, showcasing finishing materials and products for all interior areas,” said Mauro Grillini, CEO of the exhibition.

The Visitors
In terms of attendance, Interior Mebel 2022 also showed a positive result: 13,208 guests visited the country’s most prestigious interior exhibition, of which a third (32%) were end users and all others were industry professionals: 28% designers and architects, 26.6% dealers and salons, 4.6% construction companies and developers, 7.9% representatives of HoReCa.
“Yes, the number of visitors is slightly less than in 2020 (15,311), but there are several good reasons: firstly, in 2020 the exhibition lasted 5 days, and in 2022 it was 4 days, and secondly, the Covid pandemic forced many people to stay at home, thirdly, the difficult political situation between Ukraine and Russia has negatively affected the mood of guests. However, quantity is not synonymous with quality: the high level of professionalism of visitors was confirmed by satisfied exhibitors, who unanimously stated that the result met all expectations,” said Daniela Lassandro, Managing Director of the exhibition.
Specialists in the furniture industry and thousands of visitors from all over the country and abroad (Kyiv 43.2%, Kyiv region 13.8%, regions 41.70%, foreigners 1.30%) were able to appreciate the advanced interior concepts, furniture novelties and high aesthetic level of design of stands.
“The planned interactive program and the high level of presented products from leading European and Ukrainian brands have once again made Interior Mebel a meeting place for professionals in the interior industry and design lovers, ” comments Luciano Zaccheroni, Executive Director of the exhibition.

AUDITORIUM: space and concept
For visitors for whom architecture and design are areas of professional activity, as well as students of specialized universities and schools, the organizers of the exhibition have prepared a rich program of workshops, panel discussions and presentations in the design hub Auditorium. In 2022, the leading Ukrainian design studio “Loft buro” headed by Oleg Volosovsky worked on the development of the main installation of the exhibition.
“Modern design has to work with color. The concept of the hall is “Factory of colors”, we tried to make a place where color is born, as well as new knowledge and meanings are born,” says Oleg.
The Auditorium concept in 2022 is a fictional color factory: the primary colors, which are the basis for other shades, are poured from “factory” funnels, creating thousands of derived tones, and multicolored poufs flew in drops around the hub (partners of the space – Witex Ukraine).

Speakers and panel discussions
The four-day interactive program was held by more than 30 influencers, including architects, designers, decorators, visionaries, educational program authors, journalists and other industry professionals. Speakers include Oleg Volosovsky, Larysa Tsybina, Oleksiy Obraztsov, Tatiana Shahinyan, Olena Fateeva, Natalia Poplavska, Svitlana Sabri, Pit Shamilov, Katerina Sanina, Olga Terefeeva, Lara German, Anastasia Kovaleva, Volodymyr Ponomarenko and many others.
Panel discussions took place in the Auditorium almost every day: DMNTR magazine with the winners of the competition “Interior of the Year 2021” held a discussion on “Modern Design”; The specialized media PRAGMATIKA together with the guests raised an important topic of the future – “Care-approach in design and architecture”, and the European Design School dedicated Sunday to the current trend “Sustainability”.
Among the many creative installations, the conceptual stand of ID. INTERIOR DESIGN magazine and the Artspace architectural award deserved special attention. The author of the space is designer Volodymyr Ponomarenko.

The next exhibition of Interior Mebel will take place in Kyiv in February 2023.
Official media partners of Interior Mebel 2022: ID Interior, HIS, Home and Interior, PRAGMATIKA, le Classique, HOME Interior, Art Space interior award, Grand House, Design Tour, BuildPortal, ProfBuild and others.