Sustainable luxury by Bogdanova Bureau

“Environmental friendliness, durability and luxury” — three whales, as “benefit, strength and beauty.” Taking as a basis the trend of sustainability that is popular in the world, the progressive design team of Bogdanova Bureau recently realized the interior of their creative workshop. Olga Bogdanova, head of the studio, will talk about her own philosophy of sustainable luxury, modern trends, as well as materials, furniture and objects of art using the example of the design of the studio’s office. Olga’s master class will be useful for beginners and experienced designers, as well as representatives of the world of fashion, beauty, etc.

Speaker: Olga Bogdanova
Founder and chief architect of the Bogdanova Bureau.

INTERIOR MEBEL’s Auditorium – 5 February – h. 18.00-19.00 – Sign up