Color in the interior

Color plays a major role in the interior.
Different shades evoke different emotions and feelings: some fill us with energy, others serve as antidepressants, others irritate, and still others help to relax and calm down. Anastasia Kovaleva, host and head of the TV project Design Tour, and architect, designer and set designer Oleg Volosovskiy will talk about color and its role in the interior during presentation.
During the master class there will be a presentation of the TV issue of the Design Tour project, also dedicated to color in the interior.

Oleg Volosovskiy, architect, designer, set designer, founder of the Loft buro studio
Anastasia Kovaleva, head and host of the TV project Design Tour

INTERIOR MEBEL’s Auditorium – 3 February – h. 15.00-16.00 – Sign up