KC408 – Bedroom with walk-in wardrobe and wallbox bookcase
The KC408 is characterised by a perfect balance of dimensions. The Square walk-in wardrobe is a perfect square, measuring 106.3 x 106.3cm and, despite its compact appearance, offers maximum storage as it can be fitted with shelves, hanging rails and LED lights with motion sensors. The large door with a Stylus Big lacquered handle opens at an angle of 155° towards the wall, freeing up space in the centre of the room.
The High Box upholstered bed has no headboard and rests directly on the bookcase. Its unusual positioning in the centre of the bedroom gives the space great personality. Thanks to the Twin wheels, the bed can be moved about freely, even when fully made up, making cleaning and tidying up a lot easier.
The peninsula desk top extends to the centre of the room and has rounded corners to avoid any accidents, thus guaranteeing maximum safety for children.

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