Quadrotte Linea led wood – Quadrotte Linea legno e marmo.

It is with great enthusiasm that L’arte nel parquet has embarked on a path of innovation, offering the world market a new concept of wooden flooring: backlit tiles.
The warmth of wood is combined with the infinite possibilities of light, with a surprising effect that is able to change the perception of spaces, making them at the same time more suggestive and more functional.
Our floor can be used in all environments, since the design can be customized and, in case of failure, easily restored. The intensity of the lighting coming out of the floor can be adjusted, so as to give the floor a unique atmosphere. The backlit tiles are a product that complies with European standards and are guaranteed by the many years of experience in the L’arte nel parquet. The desire to identify a contemporary language for a product that has its roots in tradition is combined with a constant search for solutions in line with contemporary environments and furnishings. This is why we have undertaken initiatives to connect with the world of interior design, in particular with designers and architects, to interpret the product of art in parquet in a contemporary key.
Unexpected solutions have emerged, introducing new mixtures of different materials, finishes, geometries and lighting effects. From the Nero Marquina to the Bianco Carrara, through all the nuances of the finest marbles and stones, we create prestigious inlaid carpets animated by a rich variety of geometric textures, with a timeless taste.


L’Arte nel parquet will be present at INTERIOR MEBEL 2020!
INTERIOR MEBEL 5–9 February, Kiev