Pragmatika: panel discussion «Renovation of the future. Care-approach in design and architecture»

Care is a term that is increasingly found in a strong connection with design, architecture and urbanism.“Caring” design, according to the industry’s most advanced practitioners, should weave together the principles of ecology, economics, politics and social justice, in the end, to contribute to the restoration and rebirth of the planet. The editors of the Pragmatika magazine, headed by Konstantin Kovshevatsky, decided to bring together prominent representatives of disciplines related to design and architecture on a discussion panel, in which they will discuss the problem of the Care-approach and try to demonstrate that Ukrainian specialists have the opportunity and should act today, implementing projects giving hope for the future.

Moderator: Konstantin Kovshevatsky, editor-in-chief of PRAGMATIKA magazine.

INTERIOR MEBEL’s Auditorium – 4 February – h. 15.00-17.00 – Sign up