Business process for interior designers: how create and earn?

We invite interior designers and decorators who just have started their activities, as well as practicing designers who have been working for a long time, but are now thinking about creating their own studio!

You can get answers to the following questions:
• Reasons to start a business in interior design field.
• How to register their own activity, what are legal and accounting aspects of the design business.
• Type and segmentation of clients
• How to determine how much the design project costs.
• How to work on a design project and how to create a business process.
• How to build up a team.
• What are the right promotion methods for interior designers.
And most important, you can understand how to build a high-quality business process in such a way that there would be time and desire to create design projects.

Katerina Sanina is a first Ukrainian video blogger-decorator (35,000 subscribers, more than 3.8 million video views), an expert on top national media, founder of Design Advice & Help Club #DAH. She gives advices to designers on developing a personal brand and on a matter of
raising prices for their services, as well as how to collaborate with prestigious brands and wealthy customers.

INTERIOR MEBEL’s Auditorium –  6 Febbraio – h. 15.00-16.00