«On the threshold of a new era. Changing concepts in interior design».

Inna Zymina‘s lecture will be interesting for interior designers, subject designers and those who are studying to be a designer, for novice designers and for practicing, experienced professionals. During her lecture, Inna will answer the following questions:
– how the modern interior has changed over the last two years and why;
– where everything is moving (compares yesterday’s and today’s interiors and explores trends in their changes);
– how society’s demands affect the change of concepts in design;
– how to create relevant interiors and stay in trend.

Speaker: Inna Zymina
Architect, designer, curator of “Subject Design” at EDS, founder of the Innazіmina brand.
Experience in interior design of residential and office space for over 15 years.

INTERIOR MEBEL’s Auditorium –  6 February – h. 11.30-12.00 – Sign up