Conferences and Events

Dmitry Dmitruk, Oleksiy Yadchenko

Home cinema system: modern technology and a must have of today’s reality

During the report-discussion Dmytro Dmytruk and Oleksiy Yadchenko will talk to the audience and together with the listeners will find out what kind of strange machinery is home cinema (more…)

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Tatiana Shaginian – ID interior Design

Media and Designer: Effective Interaction and Useful Collaboration

Tatyana Shahinyan‘s lecture will be useful for practicing and well-known, novice and young designers and architects, “subjects” and “industrialists” and those who are planning to create their own brand. (more…)

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Anastasia Biletska

Marketing. Niches for designers

Anastasia Biletska will tell how global concepts of change affect entrepreneurs, what guarantees science can give to marketing, and why it is time for Ukrainian design to “go niche”. (more…)

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Vladimir Ponomarenko (ID)

Exporting materials to reality

The founder and chief architect of the Ponomarenko bureau, Vladimir Ponomarenko, will talk about his approach to the selection of materials, the difficulties of finding and integrating materials into projects. (more…)

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Nocha Prokopenko (DMNTR)

DMNTR: Panel Discussion “Trends in Contemporary Design”

There is a fine line between trendy and timeless interiors. Certain design techniques may seem like a great idea at some point, but as time passes, individual items, stylistic and color solutions will look hopelessly outdated. (more…)

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Lara German

Suffering or breaking: a review of the capital’s new buildings

During her lecture, Lara German will consider a number of plans for similar apartments in several residential complexes in Kyiv. (more…)

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Olena Fateeva

Interior design for the investor: excessive costs or successful investments?

During her lecture, Olena Fateeva will talk to the audience about cases when interior design is part of a business concept and a successful investment in both business and real estate. (more…)

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Larisa Tsybina

The real value of things (about design legends and their copies)

In her lecture, Larisa Tsybina will examine a number of legendary works of the design world and try to explain the reasons for copying them. (more…)

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Natalia Poplavska

Designer = psychologist. About barriers and customer fears

Many people think that design is a creative profession. In fact, inspiration and a sense of beauty are not enough. (more…)

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Svitlana Sabri

The role of color in table setting.

The decorated table is the atmosphere. With the right colors in the serving, you can create a mood or maintain the right mood (more…)

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Kateryna Sanina

Design as a business

Kateryna Sanina invites to her lecture interior designers and decorators who start their activities in this difficult covid time, as well as practicing designers who have been working for a long time, but are only now thinking about creating their own studio. (more…)

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Oleksiy Obraztsov

Kill Your Darlings: current trends in interior design

In his presentation, Oleksiy Obraztsov will talk about the interior projects of the ArchObraz bureau, creative methods of working on them, as well as sources of inspiration for the studio. (more…)

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Oleg Volosovskiy

Colonial loft: methods, objects, emotions

Oleg Volosovskiy and the Spanish company Vical present the concept of decorating modern interiors with furniture, lighting and decor items in the style of a colonial loft. (more…)

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Olga Bogdanova

Sustainable luxury by Bogdanova Bureau

“Environmental friendliness, durability and luxury” — three whales, as “benefit, strength and beauty.” (more…)

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Sergii Levkovskiy

The history of the implementation of design solutions in HoReCa on the example of the restaurant “This is Pivbar” № 5

THIS IS PIVBAR is a relatively new place in Pechersk, which was created for beer lovers and more. (more…)

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Anna Prysiuda

“Subject and sustainable development”

The object designer in the metamodernist time frame has a great responsibility to produce objects with minimal impact on the surrounding world. (more…)

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Inna Zymina

«On the threshold of a new era. Changing concepts in interior design».

Inna Zymina‘s lecture will be interesting for interior designers, subject designers and those who are studying to be a designer, for novice designers and for practicing, experienced professionals. (more…)

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Olga Terefeeva

“Sustainable design. Interior materials that meet the standards of “sustainability”

Environmental material means healthy, modern, quality and attractive. Being environmentally friendly is a requirement for all modern materials. (more…)

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Olena Bozhenko

Smart object. Is it fleeting trend or awareness?

In her lecture, designer Olena Bozhenko will consider the features of the arrangement of smart objects. (more…)

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Pit Shamilov

What is Sustainable interior about?

Pit Shamilov‘s lecture will discuss the goals of sustainable development and their transcription in architecture (more…)

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