SEI is a Marc Sadler signature kitchen for Euromobil.
Sei is a young kitchen with a look designed to satisfy the needs of all those who value design, without forgoing aesthetic appeal and functionality, quality materials and artisan creativity.
Beautiful elegant shapes often create unique compositional harmony that can be customised: integrated design allows special functionality, with the Sipario, Quinte, Madia and Gap systems.
Everything results in a high level of aesthetic quality.
Every Sei kitchen solution has its own distinct and customised look: surfaces are bright and colourful, worktops are warm, attractive, solid and ready to face any type of stress. Sei not only comes in bold colours on the outside but also on the inside with its orange drawers.


Euromobil will be present at INTERIOR MEBEL 2020!
INTERIOR MEBEL 5–9 February, Kiev