Oleg Volosovsky (Ukraine) and Simone Micheli (Italy). Learning by doing or simply following the global trends?

Modern designers overcome the concept of architecture to approach a new territory that looks like technology combined with art and project culture. While designing new spaces they are able to express the relations among people, shaping places in order to improve their life quality. Being aware of the latest market’s requests, they know that creating or re-organising a space means to work with a lot of emotions, need of comfort, and modern ergonomic needs.
Oleg Volosovsky (Loft Buro, Ukraine) and Simone Micheli (IED, Italy) will share their thoughts regarding the latest trends trying to explain their vision of the new paradigm.
Friendly conversation to encourage emerging talents to find their way when going global.
Join the international dialogue – be creative with IED

INTERIOR MEBEL’s Auditorium – 8 February – h. 17.00-18.00
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