Bontempi Casa portrays modern design in this wonderful table of an authentic and unique line. One of the rare examples in which creativity escapes pure design to become art. A flood that overwhelms and transforms shapes, lines and classic materials turning them into a unique and unusual item.
Fusion is this and much more. A fine example of refined excellence. A jewel table arising from the willingness to embellish our living spaces with a touch of priceless elegance. A product of peculiar sculptural beauty that amazes and surprises. The elegant steel structure, made of two crossed rings blending in perfect union, becomes a solemn stand to better exploit the table surface above. A product of strong personality, characterized by an extremely eclectic nature, in the combination of finishes and materials. Whether it is in glass, marble or secular walnut, the final result is not altered in the perfect balance of shapes.

Bontempi casa will be present at INTERIOR MEBEL 2019!
INTERIOR MEBEL 6–9 February, Kiev