The art of creative thinking

This lecture will be useful to everyone who:
– seeks non-standard approaches and solutions;– wants to create and not copy;
– is not afraid to discover new things.

Participants to the lecture will receive answers to the following questions:
– what is creative thinking and how does it differ from original thinking?
– why use creative thinking in your work?
– how to become more creative?

During the lecture the participants will also get acquainted with the ‘mood board’, one of the most popular creative techniques in the field of design.
Creativity is a super-power which anyone can learn.

Alena Murakhovska, is a speaker of the European Design School, expert on creative intellect, doctor of philosophy, photographer and founder of Murakhovska Creative Thinking, the platform for developing creative thinking.

INTERIOR MEBEL’s Auditorium – 9 February – h. 13.45-14.30